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Regular Tuition Price: $10,000. Discounted Price with Certificate: $8000! Call Pam in our office M-F 9a-5p 615-390-9968.

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Robson Academy provides K-12 Individualized Therapeutic Education in a safe, connected and structured environment so our students can experience optimal learning and healthy living.  Robson Academy is a K-12 individualized Therapeutic day school for students and their families who need trauma-sensitive support. Robson Academy is uniquely equipped for students who face challenges in a regular classroom setting, like: 

Bipolar Tendencies
Attachment Concerns
Adoption Issues 
Struggling Socially or Culturally 
Fight, Flight or Freeze Tendencies
Educational Challenges 
Anxiety or Anxiety Disorder 
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Pervasive Mood Disorders
Experience the Robson Academy Difference. Our team approach takes an enormous burden off of the parent’s shoulders and gives children the environment they need to grow into healthy people. 
Call our office M-F 9a-5p 390-9968.
Robson Academy
15354 Old Hickory Blvd.
Nashville, TN. 37211
(844) 543-2645