Home Air Quality System from Safe Air Solutions Nashville

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This $1200 certificate is good towards one Home Air Quality System from Safe Air Solutions System, including installation, all UV components, an annual supply of air filters, cooling coil inspection and cleaning, and applicable taxes.

Struggling with allergies, asthma, and illness such as the flu?                        
Does your home have possible mold?

All of these may be due to poor in-home air quality!

Safe Air Solutions Nashville offers an "around the clock" in-home air quality system that is local, affordable, reliable, and most importantly effective without the use of chemicals or harmful by-products! Local home owners trust Safe Air to reduce their allergies and asthma, improve sleep quality, prevent the spread of illness like the flu, help eliminate and prevent the spread of mold, and increase HVAC efficiency, among many other benefits.

The basics involve the installation of an energized UV fixture into a home's existing HVAC unit to destroy any airborne germs, allergens, odors, circulated viruses, and localized mold or biological growth inside the HVAC heating/cooling chambers.  Safe Air Solutions is a commercial quality product that comes with a 7 year warranty, and nationally available parts if service is ever needed.

A typical home can be completed for $1200 which includes all UV components, an annual supply of high quality air filters, cooling coil inspection and cleaning if necessary, installation, and applicable taxes. If upgrades are desired, additional gift cards will be honored through the Fish’s Discount Shopping Club, or cash/check/credit is accepted as well. 

Service area: Middle Tennessee
Safe Air Nashville, 615-933-1882

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