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About Judson University

Nestled along the Fox River in the city of Elgin, just 45 miles northwest of Chicago, Judson University is an evangelical Christian university that represents the Church at work in higher education, equipping students to be fully developed, responsible persons who glorify God by the quality of their personal relationships, their work, and their citizenship within the community, the nation and the world.

Through a broadly-based education in the liberal arts, sciences and professions, the university enables its students to acquire ideas and concepts that sharpen their insights, develop skills appropriate to their career goals, and develop the skills and commitment for lifelong learning. The Judson community experience challenges graduates to be decisive leaders and active participants in church and society, articulate proponents of Biblical Christianity, persuasive advocates for the sovereignty of God over all life, and effective ambassadors for Christ.

Possibly over two-thirds of Christian young people will step away from the Christian faith while attending a non-Christian college or university.

A study published by Gary Tobin of the Institute for Jewish and Community Research showed that in a sample of 1,200 college and university faculty, 53 percent held unfavorable feelings toward evangelical Christians while at the same time holding favorable opinions of most other religious groups.

Roughly 70 percent of Christian teens who head off to college end up walking away from their faith in the first year, according to Campus Renewal.

The Fish has partnered with Judson University, a private Christian College, in offering a limited number of special grants designed to decrease the cost of tuition by over half.  These tuition grants are available now. 


For more information, call our tuition solution specialist Pam at 615-390-9968.


The Fine Print

Discounted tuition of $12,000 per academic year for a maximum of four (4) years at Judson’s Main Elgin Campus. Judson agrees to honor all discounted tuitions to Qualified Students for a maximum of four (4) years of undergraduate education, excluding summer school. Qualified Students need not attend Judson for four (4) consecutive years to be eligible for the Tuition.

Discounted tuition purchase shall not guarantee admittance for a student to attend Judson, and the student must meet all school admission, attendance, and conduct requirements to enroll and attend throughout the school year.

The student for whom the discounted tuition is purchased must: (1) be a new student who has never previously enrolled in any of Judson’s traditional or online educational programs, (2) be admitted to Judson after meeting Judson’s academic requirements for admission, and (3) successfully enroll in a full-time, traditional undergraduate program at Judson within two (2) years of the date of purchase of the discounted tuition.  

There is no limit to the number of discounted tuitions that each household or family may purchase, provided that the purchase does not cause the total number of discounted tuitions sold during the Term of this Agreement to exceed eight (8).

Qualified Students are responsible for all applicable fees and costs associated with enrolling at Judson each academic year. Currently, fees are $1,026, and room and board is $9,988 per academic year per student, and fees and costs are subject to change.

Judson University
1151 N. State Street
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