Platinum Boat Membership at Cherokee Boat Club

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$6,788.00 $3,999.00
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This $6,788 gift certificate is good for one annual Platinum Membership at Cherokee Boat Club.

Cherokee Boat Club provides their members from the Gallatin, Lebanon, and Nashville areas with a wide variety of boats that provide members with options that best fit their families’ needs. Through their reservation system, members will be able to reserve boats either online, on the mobile app, or over the phone that best fits their schedule. All boats are cleaned, fueled, and already in the water waiting on the member when they arrive. Members simply sign out the boat, take the keys, and hit the water - it's that simple! 

The Platinum membership includes:

  • Complete Access to the Entire Fleet Monday - Sunday!

  • Unlimited Usage!

  • Two Half-Day Roll-Over Reservation Slots!

  • No Blackout Dates!

  • No Cancellation Fees!

  • Before and After Hours Usage!

  • The Best Way to Experience Boating in the Gallatin, TN; Lebanon, TN; & Nashville, TN areas!

Certificate also covers one-time orientation fee, including insurance program, plus full training on all boats ($2,000 value).

Cherokee Boat Club
450 Cherokee Boat Dock Road, Suite 500
Lebanon, TN. 37087