Therapy Pool & Underwater Treadmill Sessions from Beyond Aquatics in Murfreesboro

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This $360 gift certificate is good for one month of unlimited Therapy Pool sessions with underwater treadmills at Beyond Aquatics.

Beyond Aquatics provides the most accessible and advanced aquatic therapy and exercise facility in the country. Heated pools, underwater therapy and exercise equipment including  motorized underwater treadmills and deep tissue massage jets, and specially trained staff make therapy or exercise at our facility better than anywhere else. They provide a combination of resources for the best possible way to perform exercise and therapy. This includes the anti-gravity effects of water, the pain reducing properties of heat, the added resistance of water to build strength and burn calories faster than on land and much more.

At the warm water health center you can come as often as you like. You do not need a prescription and it is very affordable so that anyone can come. Beyond Aquatics provides access to the best physical therapy and exercise science practices in the world so anyone and everyone can improve their health. They have physical therapists, rehab specialists, personal trainers, group classes, or you can come on your without an instructor.  They guarantee you will love our aquatic health center or your money back. 


Beyond Aquatics
236 Robert Rose Drive
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

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